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Love at All Times from the Wisdom of Sequanna

Love at All Times from the Wisdom of Sequanna

Love in the Spring is new,
Appearing with dawn's beauty,
Making bold its advance,
Setting out for new adventures.

Love in the Summer is full,
Savoring nature's goodness,
Exploring the depths of everything,
Strengthening into fidelity.

Love in the Fall is true,
Producing blessings for all,
Giving more than receiving,
Accepting hardship with grace.

Love in the Winter is eternal,
Bowing humble in wisdom,
Hoping even as night falls,
Abiding when all else is gone.


  • I like it. It is more cerebral than passionate, which is unusual for a love poem, but it works as the imparting of wisdom rather than the more usual heartfelt cry of devotion or torment.

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