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How do you write stories of Truth, Love and Courage?

Three virtues will take center stage in New Britannia, and we have already heard them referenced in BotA.  In the restoration of civilization after the cataclysm, there should be those who have thought about and written about these in different ways.  So one of the questions is how have they done it so far?

My first thought is that each virtue would align more closely with a form or style of writing.  Love is perhaps best rendered in poetry.  But also song, adventures, and comedies. Courage is visible in epics,
biographies of famous figures, moral exhortations, and martial strategy. Truth is conveyed in proverbs, reports, history, philosophy and fables.

Do you have ideas about how to write about these virtues?  Share them here!

To explore this idea, I'm going to use this as the launching point for a series of books, and you're welcome to join me in trying to represent these virtues in their own unique way.  Some of you have already done so in what you've written, and if you would like to give them a nod as part of this series, go ahead.   

My idea is that the series was collected by a man named Paren Vonne.  He started life as a farmer, then became a baker, then spent time as an adventurer, and much more besides.  He never had great success at any of them and so felt his life hadn't amounted to much.  As he pondered all his missed opportunities, failures and hard breaks, he believed that if he had only been schooled in the virtues at an earlier age, he would have had a much more fulfilling journey.  Because of this, he set out to collect books reflecting the virtues, to bequeath to younger generations this hard lesson learned.  But he also did it to feel like at least one thing he did would count for something after he was gone.  As he died, he gave what he had collected to his son who was unfortunately only interested in personal profit.  This became the last sad chapter of Paren Vonne's story.  Paren's son sold the collection to a bookseller for a sum far below what it was truly worth.  Realizing this, the bookseller started to reproduce the collection and publicize it around Novia. It became much sought after by nobles and librarians, some of whom used it to teach their children.  In the end, Paren did achieve the fulfillment he desired, despite an unfortunate life and an unvirtuous chain of events.

I provide for you one of the first volumes he added to his collection.  It is included as a separate work in this category. It is one segment from a larger compilation called the Wisdom of Sequanna.  She was the Titan most representative of love, and this segment is a bit of poetry.  Many who were brought into the court of the Titans tried to recall what they said and pass it to others orally and in writing.  There is no guarantee that this was originally something Sequanna said, but everyone believes to be so.

If you have comments about this poem, or want to add another volume to this collection please do so here or on the SotA forum!

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