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[Lum's Travel Guide] North Celestial Swamp


To All Citizens of Solania

Be advised that travel south through the Celestial Swamp has become increasingly dangerous.  Bandit activity is at an all time high, and there are reports that they have even built camps to settle there.  In order to trap unsuspecting travelers, they have destroyed parts of the wooden pathways which have always indicated the safest routes.  Without these, it is easy to get disoriented.  They also have a habit of patrolling several popular resting points, such as the shrine of Sequanna.  The thugs count on uninformed travelers who still believe they can travel without heavily armed escorts and swamp guides.

In addition, caution is necessary because the bandits have disturbed and dislocated the crocodile population, making them more prone to attack humans. 

The town is not in any imminent danger, and we can continue to be fully supplied from the north through Celestis.  Please know that the one commodity only available in the swamp, mandrake, now has a controlled price of 2 gold per root.  If you see any vendors trying to sell it for more than this, please report them immediately. 

I am working with Prefect Zhou to assemble a joint force with Ardoris to clear the swamp.  Further updates will be provided as necessary, but in the meantime we ask for your patience as we do our best to free the routes to the south once again.

Guard-Captain Thornhill


  • Nice one!

    I wonder if Bandits in
    Bandits activity is at an all time high, and there are reports that they have even built camps to settle there.
    should be Bandit.

  • Got it!
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