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The Invitation

edited May 2015 in SotA Stories
James checked the back of the envelope. Nothing. No return address, no indication at all as to who had sent the mysterious invitation. There was no doubt that it was addressed to him. The neat, precise lettering on the front clearly spelled out his name and address.

He looked again at the sheet of paper.


So, this was it. James knew that eventually his extraordinary talents would be recognised, and he would be invited to join the secretive Phoenix Club that dominated the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing at PaxLair. He had several hours, and the destination was not far.

to be continued...


  • Wow a new story about PaxLair!  Can't wait - what's it for?
  • I have no idea - just a random thought that I wanted to put down before I forgot. I have no idea where it will lead. Somewhere interesting, I hope.

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