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Parables of Truth, Love and Courage

Beatrice the Plain was the daughter of an extremely wealthy merchant in Ardoris. Her father was quite old, and had no other offspring.
Thus it became common for suitors to call on her, and Beatrice always asked them the same question: "Do you think I'm beautiful?"
"More beautiful than any other in the land" replied the Knight, before he was shown the door.
"In all my travels I have never encountered one so fair" replied the adventurer, before being asked to leave.
"Thou art more beautiful than a dew kissed rose cradled in the fiery hue of morning's first light" replied the poet, before being tossed out the window.
"No, you are indeed quite plain, but exceptionally wise" replied her future husband.

Two brothers in Kingsport were both smitten by the same beautiful young maiden, so they asked her to choose which of them she preferred.
"Whoever can fetch for me the largest shard from the Grunvald Shardfall", replied the lass.
On hearing that, each of the brothers immediately forgot about the wench and instead sought to prevent the other from risking his life.
They invited each other to Wody's bar and spent the night drinking, each happy that they had saved the other from making such a perilous journey.

Three travellers had been making their way to Braemar, during which two of them were engaged in a spirited discussion.
"I am far braver than you" boasted the adventurer, adding "I have killed spiders in Deep Ravenswood."
"Not so," replied the Knight, "for I have held off the undead hordes in Brightbone Pass."
Just then they encountered a Kobold who stood in the middle of the road, blocking their path.
"If any one of you shows great courage, then I shall let you pass.", he said.
"Stand aside" said the adventurer before charging forth, only to be sent flying by the Kobold's hammer.
"Pathetic" said the Knight, before he too was sent flying as he tried to attack the Kobold.
The third traveller, who was unarmed, looked at his injured companions and was truly terrified.
Knowing that the nearest help lay beyond the Kobold, however, he stepped forward and said "Let me pass, for I must seek help for my companions".
"You have shown true courage" replied the Kobold, and let him pass.


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