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Scouting Report 02



  • "Lunar rift will exit this location". This may seem pedantic, but the lunar rift has not moved for hundreds of years. What you probably mean is "Exit via the lunar rift is possible". Applies to Blood River, Highvale and Solace Bridge entries.

    "[b]Highvale[/b] 1 Skull Wolves, Bears, Bandits, Fishing, Cotton, Rabbits, Deer, Pigs, Iron, Pine, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Carrots, Onions, Lettice, Apples. "
    Should be lettuce. You managed to spell it correctly in Whiteguard Foothills, so must be a typo.

    "the guy outside runs the place" (Kiln Cistern). Actually the guy that runs the place is inside, dead, killed by water elementals that he was trying to train to do his work for him. You might mention that it contains a water puzzle that you have to solve to complete the quest given by the villager outside.

    Restless Woods: "Further some undead standing respectfully around a statue to Thantos." I thought his name was Thanos, but I could be wrong.

    Solace Bridge: you might mention that this is an excellent area for harvesting black pearl (best done in the evening) if you wish to make travel scrolls.

    [b] South Brightbone Woods[/b] 3 Skulls Undead, Wolves, Bandits, bears Maple, Cotton, Pine, Iron Bandits have a camp in the SW, I stole their cooking pot.
    "bears" should be capitalised for consistency, and there is a comma missing.

  • Lettuce fixed, bears fixed. Reworded the lunar section.

    Checking the forums, I think Thantos is correct. There are players named Thanos, there is a greek god Thanatos and a marvel character Thanos, but I think the statue did say Thantos. Adding pearls and reworking cister part now.
  • Added Dara Brae and New Brittania Market.

    Checking on SOTA we are now at 7473 characters.
  • [b]Beran's Reach[/b] Private town. Oracle and Devotionals. Also home to the Beran's Reach Courthouse. Not only for local business permits, the courthouse is also available for weddings, formal ceremonies and religious gatherings. Warning: At certain times this building may contain lawyers. And that brings it to 7769. I am leaving it there so that there is some room to move if anything changes before time to publish.
  • "[b] New Brittania Market[/b] Private town. Has all the facilities plus a bookshop and an excellent museum run by Lord Andernut. Oracle and devotions."

    Much more detailed than the entry for planet Earth in the Encyclopedia Galactica (see: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe) that simply read "Harmless.". After extensive research by Ford Prefect the entry was changed to "Mostly Harmless". :)

    Didn't see any problems in the added material.

  • Did you ever think of dividing these reports by region?  A region by region guide of the highlights would grab some attention!
  • It mostly is set out by region. The first one is perennial coast but there are a few bits and pieces that were from elsewhere. The second one is Desolis area mostly. Also going to do the other starting areas and the surrounding zones as groups then have to see what is left over.
  • Also fixed the otherthings you mentioned here instead of the other post. I hope I got them all.
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