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Scouting Report 02

Whatever i choose as title 02. NBNN 16412-xxxxx [b]Blood River[/b] 1 Skull Bandits, Wolves, Bear, Deer. Copper, Oysters, Cotton Has A Lunar Rift and there is a chance you may have entered Novia at this location. Lunar rift will exit this location when the moon image is a cresent on the right hand side of the image. [b]Desolate Hills[/b] 3 Skulls Undead, Stags, Ebon Cult, Rabbits, Spiders Maple, Cotton, Iron, Harvesting axe 25, Chickens. The locals informed me before my visit that “ The Desolate Hills of the Perennial Coast have been reduced to a ruined graveyard in the North, an abandoned settlement in the South, and a Shrine to a mysterious Obsidian Lord. It is truly an inhospitable place for travelers, overrun with undead and wolves scavenging the bodies of the defeated. “ It is mostly as advertised. I entered from the East, the ruined graveyard was just to my right, clearly dangerous. I paid my respects before heading south the other way. South is zombie town, with axes and chickens. West from there, past the exit were some cultist with a cart who look to be taking it to the Ancient Shrine. At the shrine they have friends and some undead near a statue. Continuing the path north and then around east takes me back to the graveyard at the beginning. The paths through the centre criss cross the area, and are home to spiders as well as the other local creatures. [b]East Perennial Trail[/b] 1 Skull Bandits, Undead, Caiman Cotton, Chickens, Maple, Pine, Garlic, Black Pearls, Mandrake Just North of the entrance is an abandoned house with a key, the book 'Truth is rewarded' and a note. Further north are undead near an Obsidian throne, South is a kidnappers camp. [b]Highvale[/b] 1 Skull Wolves, Bears, Bandits, Fishing, Cotton, Rabbits, Deer, Pigs, Iron, Pine, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Carrots, Onions, Lettice, Apples. The small island in the lake with the bandit and the chest I always found empty also has a fishing hole and a clay deposit that can give convenient bait. The scout knows the knight. There is a small cave up a path northwest of the city with some bandits and rubys. Has Lunar Rift and there is a chance you may have entered Novia at this location. Lunar rift will exit this location when the moon image is evenly split between light and dark. [b]Kiln[/b] Attached maps. Kiln cistern. Located just west of Baubbleshire, Kiln is a circle of hovels run by bandits and thieves. Also my personal home. Feel free to stop by my place at the top of the hill, it is the large imposing grey wall you see as you climb the slope to the western homes. Play the piano, leave me a message or gift in my donation box, I wont mind at all. Unless it is bad reviews or requests for your money back, then I may put a PvP hit out on you. [b]Kiln Cistern[/b] Attached maps. Quell passage. Midmaer passage. Blackblade pass. Water elementals. The cistern is in the small stone building just inside the wooden walls, the guy outside runs the place. Just past the wheel that changes the water level is a hidden door. [b]Necropolis Barrens.[/b] 5 Skull Undead, Wolves, Spiders Copper, Maple, Like the crazy guy at the entrance will tell you, the cave nearby is safe and goes straight to the Necropolis if that is your intention. There was also a very pleasant gentleman named Davropos camping a bit further ahead, we spoke for a moment about books, but I like to leave people to their business and moved on. In the NW there is a Ferocious Brown Spider that was much more ferocious than the others, and in the SW an even more Ferocious Red Spider. [b]North Brightbone Woods[/b] 4 Skulls. Stags, Bears, Rabbit, Wolves Maple, Pine, Cotton, Copper, Iron, Clay Fishing, A bear den and a large statue take up the NW corner, an Ebon Cult Champion stood guard at the statue. A wolf den took up the NE corner. More than one timber and metal here which is good for this area. Bandit camp in the SE had little to steal, but some weapons on racks. SW has some ruins where cultists are performing human sacrifice. [b]North Varisalla Foothills [/b] 4 Skulls Satyr, Fauns, Wolves, Bears, Bandits,Kobolds Stags, Rabbits, Copper, Cotton, Gold, Granite, Ruby, Pine As you enter you are in the East. To the South is a quarry and some buildings, guarded by Satyrs and Fauns. North is a bandit tree fort that can be accessed with a rope. Next to it is an entrance West into a mine system. Inside the mine you will enter a large cavern. The first tunnel on the left in the cavern takes you to a small bandit storage area with two chests and a gold and copper node, on the way you will pass a locked door to “The Rise”. This is a high difficulty dungeon that will be discussed in its own book. The second tunnel on the left, just past some crates, is a flooded dead end and of no value unless you are fleeing monsters. The centre cavern has a number of crates and some bandits. The first right in the cavern has copper and a note. At the end of the cart track there is a wooden wall and a copper node. The exit out of the cavern is the tunnel just next to this deadend. Follow the flooded passage out past the copper, granite and small ruby nodes. You will see some behind a locked gate, the key is ahead in the kobold camp. Following the path out, you find tents, the key to the cages is on a table in the first large tent right in front of you. East past the camp, over a river and under a bridge, you find the quarry we noticed from earlier and have come full circle around the area. If you are clever you can climb the quarry to find a gold node, but I will let you work that out for yourself. [b]Restless Woods[/b] 4 Skulls Wolves, Rabbits, Stags, Undead, Maple, Iron, Entering from the East. To the South is a wolves den. Further some undead standing respectfully around a statue to Thantos. After the statues spiders and then more wolves bring you to a camp site near the Western exit. North of the gate are some temple structures and more undead. If you continue around the path east it takes you through more wolves back to where we started, the side path with the stonework has many spiders and takes you back to the west exit. [b]Solace Bridge[/b] Skeletons, Plague undead, spiders, wolves. Cotton, Oysters. Has Lunar Rift and there is a chance you may have entered Novia at this location. Lunar rift will exit this location when the moon image is almost full. [b]Solace Forest [/b] 3 Skulls Rabbits, Wolves, Undead, Mimics, Cotton, Maple, Garlic, Pine, Iron, Nightshade, Coal, I entered from the West. This area is circular and surrounds a central graveyard with undead. Good resources in this area. [b] South Brightbone Woods[/b] 3 Skulls Undead, Wolves, Bandits, bears Maple, Cotton, Pine, Iron Bandits have a camp in the SW, I stole their cooking pot. [b]Whiteguard Foothills[/b] 2 Skulls Bandits, Wolves, Bears, Stags, Rabbits Maple, Pine, Cotton, Copper, Lettuce, A circular area with a section of broken timber you can jump down or climb up that allows you to cut north/south across the circle.


  • cultist- should be plural
    caiman cotton - forgot comma
    Lettice - let us use a u here... haha
    I always found empty also - Period after empty, capitalize Also.
    rubys - plural is rubies
    Lunar rift will exit this location - Womby's comment before
    wont - apostrophe needed - won't
    To the South, an entrance West -  don't need to capitalize directions except as usual at the start of a sentence
    Further some undead - "Further on are" or "further are"?

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