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Scouting Report 01



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    Once i decide on how long all the entries will be, i plan to put a few pieces like the following at the end of the index to make it useful, since the indexes will be free i might also sell some add space if anyone had a permanent project they thought was worth advertising........ [B]Trainers[/b] I spoke to this woman who knew all the trainers, so I wrote them all down. Ranged, soltown, varren. Shield, Adoris guildhall, Kamran. Blades, Adoris guildhall, Reston. Light Armour Solania. Natalie. Bludgeon. Etcetera. Arcadian. Shield shop, west end of docks. Heavy armour Owls head garrison. Mark. North area of city. Polearms, Jannaford, wilhelm Sun, epitaph desolis. anya. Earth. jannafield. Vonda. Life. Adoris guildhall. Parker. Upstairs Water. Adoris guildhall. Griselda. Upstairs moon. Kingsport oracle. Laura. Air, Kingsport docks, jeremy. Death. Necropolis barrens. Davropos Fire, epitaph desolis. Martella. Near market. Chaos. Etcetera. Eris. Tactics. Desolis. Corsten. Inside building near market. Taming, Bremer, Boden. Focus, Owls head tower, Deborah. Subterfuge, Adoris tavern, Birko.
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    Regarding trainers, here is a link that I use whenever I need to find a trainer:

    The following  line might be more complicated than it needs to be:
    "If you like you dont need to train in it, it is fine as it is and you want to train your other skills instead of your charm animal."
    Especially if someone reads it as "If you like you" instead of "If you like". Suggest something simpler, like:
    "You don't need to train it, it is fine as it is. Spend your XP on other skills."

    The series gives very useful advice, and is well presented.

  • Done. Fair suggestion as well that i am not the first person to reproduce the trainer list, it is probably needless. I will only add it if i need filler.
  • George, I deleted the duplicate thread with the other comments since this seemed to be the one which has the substantial discussion.  Hopefully that was correct, if not, let me know.

    What I like about this new series is that you have some very useful information that no one has put as a book in the game.  We need more guides like this... and that is what they are... more guide than scouting report.

    About the way it is written up, we should be able to figure out the paragraph spacing for you as I mentioned in the initial thread.  But it read well.  I learned something!

    There is a lowercase exp and some uppercase EXP.  I've always seen it abbreviated XP, which I would use since it is such a common thing for games.

    Now - brace yourself, haha.  There is a whole area of punctuation rules - especially around commas - that we can explore if you'd like.  Sadly, English of any type has some pretty specific rules about comma use that always trip us up.  It also feeds into a topic on how much you put into a sentence.  One thing to try with commas is to see if you can take them out and replace them with a period.  Sometimes 2 sentences are better than one, but it is a style choice and there is no requirement.  In other areas there are requirements.  It all depends on how much you want to explore this topic... I don't think it is required to be so precise for this type of game content.

  • edited April 2017
    Either was fine. Thank you.

    And thank you for the kind words and constant support, to be honest I have to make note of a lot of this stuff for myself or I forget it, so it wasnt much more effort to put it into a format someone else can use too.

    Spacing didnt fix even when I went back and redid it. That is odd, but you are already aware. Is there a better document writer I can switch to?

    Fixed the XP. Will try to remember to do it that way for rest of the series, you are right it is more common.

    Oh gods, commas. Yes I do try to use the language correctly but I am only so successful. If you see anything especially offensive point it out and I will go back and redo it.
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    [B]Creature types[/b]

    Ghosts take zero ice damage, zero earth damage, zero burning damage.
    Undead of all types take extra sun damage.
    Fire Elementals take zero fire damage but extra damage from earth and ice.
    Earth and Sand elementals take zero damage from stone arrow and do not stay rooted long. They do appear to take the armor debuff from the crushing blow + stone fist combo.
    Earth elementals take extra damage from air.
    Obsidian golems take no damage from fire or earthquake.
    Water elementals take no fire damage.

    Have to verify
    Flesh flayers take extra fire damage?
    Fungus takes extra ice damage?
    Sand elementls take extra air damage?

    I know I am not an expert in game mechanics and am sure there is a lot more I could add to that list if anyone had suggestions.
  • [B]Spellcasting [/b]

    Spellcasting uses casters attunement vs defenders resistance plus half their attunement.

    Searing Ray.
    Does 1 x damage at night.
    Does 1.5 x xdamage during the day.
    Does +50% damage to undead.

    Any other details that help explain the spellcasting process would be appreciated, if I gets out of control it can have its own book.
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    [b]Smelting[/b] With a 95% success rate, it should take 420 attempts to smelt 400 ingots. It took me three minutes forty seconds to attempt to smelt 20 ingots including clicking time. That is 220 seconds, or about 11 seconds each. With 6 gold for coal, and one use each of a mold and a tongs, each attempt is costing about 8 gold. For every 400 ingots it takes about 77 minutes to smelt and your 5% failure is costing about 160 gold in materials. To successfully smelt 400 ingots from my calculations it appears to cost you about 3360 gold. That is 100 ingots for 840 gold, or an average of 8.4 gold an ingot.
  • The creature resistances are a brilliant idea... that could be a guide unto itself.  One thing I know is that earth (maybe sand too) are vulnerable to air... that is my limited combat experience.  How much exactly I don't know.

    The spell casting guide is such a great idea too.  I'm sorry to say my combat experience is limited... where did you get the calculation with attunement?  I wish there was more laid out like that!  All I know is that air magic relies on the stuns/gust pushback.  I know the percentage success and duration are affected by many, many things... some of which are explicit (another skill), others - I have no clue about.

    The smelting costs are great too, yet again!  So many things that could be written about crafting.

    In other words, 100% yes.  These would all be great.

  • The bit on attunement and searing ray are both quoted from the last telathon, one of the devs talked it through in the combat deep dive. I went back later after the broadcast and wrote it down. I had never heard the math spelled out that well before, it helped me understand what was going on and figured it would be the same for others.
  • edited April 2017
    I recommend the series "The Complete idiots Guide To Agriculture", by TrojanV. His work is excellent and it would be redundant for me to reproduce it. Available at Vyrin and Womby's bookstores. Trip chickens in the corner of a fence to practice tripping. Do not get involved with anything involving Kardan Mambane. He is an idiot. Do not let him cast a spell on you or give you a 'potion'. Do not go anywhere with him. Do not play poker with him, he raises every hand. Do not speak to him at all. I will give you a gold for a photo of you punching him in the face. If you deal with nearby enemies and put your weapon away fauns will mostly stop attacking you, they will still aid the other enemies that come along. If you kill the faun it is apparently not seen as courageous. Personally I wont hold it against you. I am all for a faun revolution and would support their uprising but until they stand up for themselves we will have to do whatever we have to do to stay safe. Critical damage is normally a range between normal max damage and max damage x2, with polearms it is x2.5. If your normal max damage was 50 you could do up to 100, with a polearm you could do up to 125. The time taken to swap decks is increased by the time it takes to change equipment, swaping from light to heavy will take longer. Feel energetic and have plenty of focus? Want to minmax every point of damage you can and dont care how silly you look? Try jumping just as you release your high power attacks for hight advantage bonus. [b]Encounters[/b] Monsters on the road are normally not as dificult as ones off of the road, so stay on the path for quick easy fights or go into the wildlands for harder ones. Encounters with undead often have additional Mandrake and Nightshade. Encounters with bandits normally have a hidden chest. It will probably be out of sight behind some rocks. Even if you do not want to fight the bandits it is worth robbing them before you leave the map. If they are not ranged attackers consider letting them see you and move towards you, often you can then slip around them and open the chest without wasting time fighting. Any method you can use to get to the chest before they attack you will work. If you see a deer or dog etc you will need to enter the encounter yourself as the passive encounter will not attack you. Nature encounters often have less hostile enemies. Dog encounters have cows.
  • Assuming I add the bit I just posted that goes to 7150 characters so leaving it there for now to make sure there is wiggle room for later changes. If it feels like it is not full I can always add the trainers list at the end.
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