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Concept for the series

Greetings fellow writers and book enthusiasts. Most of you are probably not aware of my work that has been selling at Vyrin and Womby's for a while now. I have a series of scouting reports on various locations I have been throwing together since persistence, I am fairly happy with it but it could use a polish to look a bit more professional. I am thinking it is close enough to ready that I will not be wasting all of your time proofreading and helping me get it ready as a series in time for when the game goes public. There are a number of books planned, some already written, some I am rewriting, some not yet started. I could use assistance not just proofreading and setting out my books, but also from other SOTA explorers to help me fact check my details have not been made invalid with recent updates. Additional details I have missed will also make for a better end product if you see I have missed a resource or secret. That said, I do have to watch the character limit with most of the books, and have already taken shortcuts with most of them to fit everything in You will see as you read them I hope to make a detailed encyclopaedia style of books with no wasted words, but still try to be a little lighthearted to keep the reading fun. I would like to try to give full advise on hidden areas and creatures, but generally not give walkthroughs on questlines etc. It is a scouting report on locations, not advice on how you should act in those locations. At this stage I am considering book 01 as an index with a few words about the next nine books and repeating the process with another index at book 11 describing books 12 to 20. This will theoretically let me continue the series until it covers all the in game material. If the index does not fill a whole book I will slot some advise or trivia into the end of each index to make them worthwhile reading in themselves. I may give the first index volume away for free to promote the series, especially if it ends up having little value in itself. Some of the assistance I could benefit from, I would love to include details of player run places and events as if they were any other encounter I came across in my travels. If you know of players with secret dungeons, permanent quests, restaurants etc that are unique and permanent it would be excellent to add them as town features. Post about it or message me and I can go 'scout' them for the book. If there was enough material put forward it could be an entire book dedicated to guilds and Player Owned Towns. Along with the books on specific places I would like there to be sections or whole books on certain topics, like a monster manual, a book on spells, a book or books on crafting and harvesting specifics. There are going to be a lot of bits and pieces that are not enough by themselves but could be expanded into a useful guide if someone had the time to fill in the gaps. I am not as knowledgeable as some of you might be about game mechanics, but have thoughts on including some monster and equipment details , there will be many gaps in my knowledge. I am currently calling the series “Novia Scouting Report 1 Volume 1” etc. The name was nice when it was a concept for a few books but I think I need a new title entirely. I am considering “Novia Scouting Report 001” or “Encyclopaedia Novia 01” or something similar, but that leaves the volumes undescriptive. I am wondering if adding a description like NSR 01 'Hilt fortress' or EN 01 “Hilt Fortress” might be better. Suggestions are encouraged as the series develops. Should I expect to have more than 99 books, should I use 001 instead? That is a lot of books, but over time there will be a lot of locations and many will be a book in themselves. Continuing as 01 for now. I am only covering uncloned scenes, but they do still update old scenes sometimes, if you notice a future update has changed something from a book I would love to know before it all went public. I have left a few hundred characters free in volume 02, I would like to fill it in with a player related location or two. Something from the perennial coast area would fit with the rest of the locations. If anyone has something permanent that would suit well I will add it, otherwise after editing if there is still space I will think of another location entry or two. P.S. OMG that ignored all my spacing and posted as a massive text wall, thank you if you read through that. My first advise maybe should be on how to post to this page correctly?


  • Hey George!  Welcome to the RT.

    We use vanilla on the site which has some trouble when you cut and paste from another doc.  Where are you typing it originally?

    As to the titles. Sigh.  32 characters with no other data fields is very short.  We use abbreviations quite a bit, just because it helps to have something to indicate the content.  This will continue to be a game limitation and there is no "right" answer. 

    The numbering with the leading zeros always makes sense if you plan to have more than 10 in a series.  Think how many volumes you might have... more than ten to 99? Use 1 leading zero.  100 to 999? Use 2. Etc.  This way it stays sorted nicely in any inventory list, and makes it that little bit easier for the customer, which is always a good goal.
  • Ahh, caused because I am bringing it over from a .odt file. I type it up there for the spellchecker. Knowing that, maybe I can play with it as I import it and make it work. Thank you.

    Yes, with thought and your input maybe I will put abreviation and descriptor on the cover and full name only inside the book. Maybe I will just bite the bullet and use 001 as well, it wont harm and might help if yearsfrom now there are enough scenes for a 101th book.
  • edited April 2017
    I am considering if I should or should not seperate player owned towns into seperate books. I initially thought it adds to realism and immersion by keeping them in the same book but now I am also thinking player towns will be different enough to make the book messy and that people might like to to have the information seperate.

    It isnt a hard change to make but I am interested in opinions.

    Either way I am also considering should I post a template to the forums and let everyone else write the pieces themselves?

    If I set it out as......

    [B]town name[/b]
    All shrines: yes/no
    All merchants near entrance: yes/no
    Contact point for: abc guild, xyz guild.

    ....these are the sort of things I would normally scout and write so that would probably be what I diid if I scouted it myself. Is here anything else I should add?

    Should I allow them to write a paragraph themselves? What would be a good character limit if I did? 50 characters? 100 characters? More? I would prefer less but I think town owners may prefer more. What are readers going to want?

    Also planing to go through some of the POT spotlights and pull some details so will write the paragraph myself from that if needed.

    Are all the towns that bother to make contact going to have all of the shrines? Should I bother with the category at all if they all have it? I was not planing to include the unfilled towns untill much later if at all.

    What I really want is just something to give readers an idea of which towns are not a waste of time. If there was something individual like a museum or a bookshop it is worth mentioning but I dont want a bunch of stories on town history that have no function.

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