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General Time Periods from the Cataclysm to Now

edited November 2014 in SotA Lore Resources
We can divide time from the cataclysm to now into a series of "periods" or "historical movements" based on the Story Sneak Peeks and BotA:

Cataclysm happens around 400 years ago.

1) Survival - people are practical, no monuments except their own survival.

2) Warlords - new magic, new monsters - these are the children of the previous
generation. Does that mean one generation? Could be, but an assumption.

3) City States - again, the next set of "children" that started to band together to defend themselves from the warlords.

4) Titans - We have no idea when they arrive except that it is sometime after the cataclysm and well before the Obsidians attack Midras.

5) Rise of the Obsidian Eye

6) Ascendancy of the Obsidian Order/Obsidian War

7) Collapse of the Obsidian Order

8) Fo(r)morian Wars - perhaps unleashed by the collapse of the Obsidians, or concurrent with it.

9) The Oracle
10) Avatars

There is nothing to say that these are discrete periods, or that this is an exhaustive list. However, I think these are important markers.  Other events that can be assumed abound.

If you have suggestions on how to expand this timeline, please make them below in a comment!
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