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[R36 Travel Guide] Food for Thought


  • edited December 2016
    I waited with some anticipation as Jack placed his latest culinary experiment on the table in front of me. "Try it, it's delicious!" he said.

    Since arriving in Novia Jack had displayed an unusual talent for discovering new recipes. They weren't always tasty or even palatable. Truth be told, some were probably not fit for human consumption. Nevertheless they had proven popular because each recipe provided a unique and lasting boost to a collection of attributes. Mostly strength, dexterity or intelligence, but occasionally they provided bonus additional benefits such as odourless farts or the ability to speak backwards.

    His enthusiasm was infectious. A lot like the strange, bubbling brew that he had placed in front of me. It was mostly green, with mysterious streaks of yellow hinting at something ominous beneath the surface. With more than a little trepidation, I stirred the soup with my spoon. A large spherical lump floated up from the bottom. As I watched, it lazily rolled over to reveal an eye staring back at me.

    "It increases your intelligence by 20%," he claimed. I could see how consuming his latest creation could teach one a valuable lesson. Is that what he meant?

    "I've lost my appetite," I replied, before pushing the bowl away. "Do you have any spider leg snacks?" I asked.

    "Of course," he replied, handing me a large bag. "I know these are your favourite!"

    I paid him and stepped outside. As I munched on my delicious snack I thought about how varied we all are. Every Novian is a unique individual, and the difference between nice and nauseous is in the eye of the beholder. Or the soup.

  • lmao!

    loved it!
  • Methinks there is a hint from over the Rift of French cuisine. Are you sure his name isn't "Jacques"? ;p

    Nice story!
  • I think I've lost my appetite for days haha.  The description of the eye is very well done.  Sadly. haha.

    Fun with commas!

    They weren't always tasty, or even palatable.
    No comma

    With more than a little trepidation I stirred the soup with my spoon.
    Comma after trepidation

    "It increases your intelligence by 20%" he claimed.
    Comma after %

    "I've lost my appetite." I replied, before pushing the bowl away.
    Comma after appetite

    "Of course" he replied, handing me a large bag.
    Comma after course

  • Thanks Vyrin. Changes made.
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