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The Great PaxLair Pet Race

edited December 2016 in SotA Stories
The exact origins of The Great PaxLair Pet Race are shrouded in mystery, but the most popular theory is that it evolved from a time in our distant past when Novia was even less peaceful than it is today. At that time there was a constant threat of intrusion by encroaching warlords. Guards were typically posted some distance from settlements, and it was their duty to give advanced warning of any such threat. In order to get word back to the townsfolk as quickly as possible, the guard would attach a note to an animal that was trained to quickly return with the message.

Since it was not known which type of animal was best suited for the task, public competitions were held in which different types of animal were raced against each other to see which were the fastest and most reliable. These events quickly assumed a popularity and status well beyond their intended purpose, and people began to place wagers on the outcome. Soon these events grew into regular festivals.

Which, of course, brings us to the current festivities. The participants in The Great PaxLair Pet Race for <insert Novian date here> were:
<insert names of participants here>

The winner was <insert name of winner here>.



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