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[R35 Travel Guide] Strange Rituals


  • A casual stroll through Estgard should reveal to even the most unobservant that the town has a history that dates back many hundreds, if not thousands of years. Various stone monoliths scattered around the landscape stand testament to a long and mysterious past, with strange carvings hinting at long forgotten rituals of unknown purpose.

    Nowadays of course these mysterious objects serve only as tourist attractions and backdrops to wedding celebrations, and they would hardly be worth mentioning were it not for a recent incident.

    A few days ago a particularly notable set of stones served as the backdrop for the wedding of a wealthy merchant's son. The merchant spared no expense catering for the event, and copious amounts of alcohol were consumed as the post-nuptial celebrations drifted on well into the night. Around midnight, taking their inspiration from the highly intoxicated merchant, those revellers who remained all stripped off their clothes and danced naked around a central monolith.

    What happened next was reported by two normally reliable witnesses who happened to be strolling along the cliff top above. As they glanced down they were initially shocked to see a group of naked dancers, but they were even more offended when the revellers below started dancing the Starrlton, an inexplicably popular dance that has recently been introduced by outlanders. It was at that moment that a strange demonic creature suddenly emerged from a portal and just as quickly departed, dragging all the cavorting guests with him.

    Now, we are not saying that dancing naked at midnight is something that should be avoided. Nor are we disparaging those who wish to dance the Starrlton. We do, however, advise caution when performing both of the above in the presence of ancient monoliths with mysterious carvings. 

    Just sayin'.

  • ROFL

    awesome! :)
  • I think I must be tired, this one gets a pass ... haha!
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