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[R34 Travel Guide] Brittany Alleys Flying Club


  • edited October 2016
    As we all know, Brittany Alleys is home to the famous dirigible factory. Here enormous flying machines are skillfully crafted by local artisans for a select clientele consisting of the more affluent inhabitants of New Britannia. Or so the story goes. 

    Some however are not convinced. They point out that nobody has ever been seen entering or leaving the factory, and the dirigible that is seemingly under construction there has undergone no alteration in months. In fact, a theory has emerged that the factory is deserted, and that a new form of travel has been discovered that renders the dirigibles obsolete. This theory postulates that outlanders have brought with them knowledge of a new and powerful incantation that allows fast travel without the aid of a mechanical device.

    Inspired by this theory, a cult has formed in Brittany Alleys that seeks to discover the nature of this incantation, and they have taken to plying outlanders with alcohol in the local tavern in the hope of discovering this elusive secret. After numerous dead ends, their questions about flying were finally answered when an impressively intoxicated outlander leaped from his chair, stretched out his arms and uttered a strange incantation. No doubt he would have immediately disappeared if he hadn't at that moment lost consciousness and keeled over.

    Since then local cultists have been attempting to recreate the exact incantation that they observed. Heated arguments have broken out due to disagreements over the words he used, as some recall the outlander saying "mrowwww mrmmmm mrmmm," while others insisted that his chant was "browww brmmm brmmm."

    When they are not exchanging blows, they can often be seen conducting research above Brittany Alley Sewers.

  • This is adorable... do I get three guesses as to whom the intoxicated outlander might have been? I think I need only the one.

    It disturbed me to read "the exact incantation" twice in the next-to-last paragraph. Perhaps you could use "the precise pronunciation" or "the words he used" instead in one of those phrases?
  • Thanks for the feedback. Will adjust.

  • Hmm! Looks very familiar!

    Just a couple of things. 

    Inspired by this theory a cult has formed in Brittany Alleys
    Comma after theory.

    "mrowwww mrmmmm mrmmm", while others insisted that his chant was "browww brmmm brmmm".
    Comma and period both go inside quotes.
  • Thank you Vyrin.
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