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edited October 2016 in SotA Poetry

Watching, watching all around

in every port in every town

these pesky watchers can be found

Alone you think? Just turn around!

Some will crawl and some will fly

There is no use to ask them why

Bzzt, chrp, clank! is their reply

while scanning with cyclopic eye.

It does no good to tell them shoo!

on clanking legs they still pursue

Your every act, all that you do

is subject to their cool review.

Finally patience running out

careless for what law you flout

you hit them with a sword and shout,

‘Die!  You dratted snooping lout!’

There it lies all curled and dead

but a sound behind fills you with dread

slowly circling round  your head

is another glowing eye of red!

Then you will admit defeat

put up your sword, calm your heat,

and hope that you will someday meet

the guiding will behind their feet

sword to hand, revenge complete!


  • Wonderful poem Lady Sophi. I really enjoyed reading it out loud as well as hear you say it. 

    I know it's frustrating to do but you've executed it well with the help of the talented Womby for a few fixes. I sincerely look forward to more of your poems. 

  • Beautiful! (I still think you should drop the "clank" from line 7.)

    Also maybe a hyphen or colon after the second last line? I think a pause should be indicated.

  • My sense of outrage and will to swat the dratted creatures has faded over time. Thanks for this poem that both rekindled that, and made me giggle. :D
  • Excellent excellent excellent.  We need to publish this subversive work in game soon!
  • I immediately had a "Tell-Tale Heart" vibe upon reading this... and loved it to the end, when I also pictured the subject producing a loudly clanking mechanical heart for the reader to see :P 

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