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[R33 Travel Guide] The Brothel


  • edited September 2016
    Everyone knows about the brothel in Central Brittany - some by reputation, others intimately. What most do not know, however, is how it came to be.

    It all began when Lord British, concerned about the growing number of homeless outlanders, announced a raffle. Winners of the raffle would each be granted a deed to a plot of land.

    To say that this announcement affected the economy would be an understatement. Rather than spending in shops, outlanders started hoarding gold to buy raffle tickets. Sales dropped through the floor, and businesses everywhere struggled to survive, with more closing every week.

    Caught up in this maelstrom was Persephony Trueheart, who watched in dismay as customers stopped visiting her custom garment shop. Inevitably she was faced with a decision: close shop or make some changes. 

    She chose to make changes and completely altered the interior to better support an enterprise based on brief random encounters of a passionate nature. Finally she grabbed an old lamp from the attic, wrapped it in pink and hung it outside.

    Soon she had sufficient funds to expand her business, and more young ladies who had been thrown out of work by the economic downturn joined her in her brave new enterprise.

    Today it remains one of Central Brittany's most successful businesses and is a testament to the true entrepreneurial spirit that characterises New Britannia.

  • Very delicate descriptions there. :D

    Vyrin is going to want to swipe that comma out of your last sentence. He's been using more and more of them lately!
  • Another short but extremely good story!

    Inevitably she was faced with a decision. Close shop, or make some changes.

    Could use a colon after decision.  No comma after shop.

    She chose to make changes, and

    No comma after changes

    And what Acred said :)
  • LOL
    excellent points!!!
    and very timely, loved it :)
  • Thank you Acred, Vyrin and Sophi. Making changes now.
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