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Teasers in Solace Bridge Update

edited October 2014 in SotA Lore Resources
From the 10/18/14 Update.  Some of this was stated or hinted in the story sneak peaks, but this gives more information on the story.

"One of the new areas to explore in Release 11 (and included in the R11 Grand Tour Quest) is Solace Bridge. It is one of the very first examples that shows how we plan to dynamically change the state of scenes in the game either through random events, player actions, or updates to the world. There are two versions of this scene that can be visited in R11. The first version, the Battle of Solace Bridge, depicts the aftermath of a village defending itself against an undead army. This post-battle state of the scene will be players first view of Solace Bridge when they start the game. When/if players return to this scene later during gameplay, there may be another pitched battle between villagers and undead already underway (which is another game state). Solace Bridge is the version of this area that players will usually see if/when they return later, and represents the Solace Bridge scene sometime after the battle when things have been rebuilt and the land has recovered a bit. Both versions (Solace Bridge and The Battle of Solace Bridge) can be accessed via the Lunar Rift in Owlshead.  Note that in R11 the war torn version is flagged as an Open PVP area.

Solace Bridge is where one of the three working Lunar Rifts can be found on the mainland, and is thus a key strategic location for the Perennial Coast of Novia, and one of the three common entry points for “outlanders” from Earth. Normally the Perennial Coast is considered a region that celebrates the Principle of Love, however the Perennial Coast leaders in nearby Ardoris are rumored to be discordant. This discord could not have come at a worse time because undead hordes have been pouring South from the Drachvald region. The armies of Ardoris do their best to repel these armies, but perhaps only Outlanders can turn the tide…"

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