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Scouting Report 03

Whatever i choose as title 03 “Hilt Fortress” NBNN 16412-xxxxx Starting at the eastern entrance of the outside map, [b]Nightshade Pass.[/b] It is a three skull area. You will see bandits ahead of you, their wagon has a chest in the back. Further south up the hill past that wagon is a path leading to a boss fire elemental named Xavara the Fire Pillar. He is very strong so bring some friends if you are thinking of playing with him. There are Sulphur ash Nodes up there as well. There is also another map exit near him, but it only takes you back to the east side of the pass. Looking north from the fire elemental area you can see a steep sloped area heading up the northern face of the mountain. As an avid climber I have managed to make my way up that mountain and onto the top of the fortress. It was a long and difficult journey, and I could more easily have gotten there with the ramp from the other side, but some of the best free climbing i have experienced. I would have liked to announce a secret or something from dong so, but I found none. The climb took me to the area with the spider cave at the top of the fortress. I do not think there is anything further, but if anyone proves me wrong I would be interested to hear from you, it was an interesting climb and one I would happily repeat. You will also see the large lake, there is a silver node and a few creatures on the other side if you are interested in looking, but I never found much else on the far bank. There have been rumours of a kraken in the lake, I have never seen it but if I do I will make note in further volumes. There is a troll troll living in a little area near the river mouth and the entrance to Hilt fortress entrance, take care passing him, he will follow you quite a way up the hill and can hit you at range. If you bypass the troll and the fort, you come to a hill leading up to the exit west into the South Paladis area of the over-world map. [b]HILT FORTRESS OUTSIDE[/b] I am calling the troll bridge the ground level. Following the ramp up to level 1, there is nothing to the left, and a long passage next to the wall right that leads to an Altar with a purple crystal and some skelly guards. Nightshade here. A small river goes to a fishing spot, but my fishing expert had trouble using it. The door here takes you to the top of the wall over the gate. There are some skellies, access to the statues, a wonderful view, and a good look down into the trolls house from above, but not much else. Avid climbers can climb to the next level from here, or you can walk around like normal people. Back to the ramps. Level 2 has little to the left again but to the right a graveyard, skellies, nightshade and a crypt. Granite cotton and skellies up the river here. The gate to the wall has another nice view and skellies. Back to the ramp, level 3 has some skellies on the left in the thin alley by the ramp. The right has yet more skellies, garlic, fishing, bears and copper. My fishing expert gained a trout and felt it was a good percentage location. Again a door to the view from atop the wall. Next up the ramp is level 4. Left nothing. Right skellies, copper, cotton, up the river is the spider cave I climbed up and dropped into earlier. There was an odd rock I could jump up behind, and the ladders here were not working, but not much else to note. Next level up the ramp is 5. Kobolds here. Nightshade on the left. Right takes us to the kobold camp that guards the fort entrance. Run through to the gate from here if you can not deal with the many archers and mages. If you can fight them there are some crates and barrels. The first tent has a note with the kobolds orders. Through the arch and over the bridge is hilt fort entrance. On your right after the arch is a door to the top of the wall, and it is a good spot to run to for a rest if you are getting overwhelmed. At the other end of this wall there was a place you could climb down to an area that seemed inaccessible from below. I didnt find anything of note, and had to drop back to the spider cave but it was an interesting spot. Dropping off the other side back to the kobolds lets you sneak into the back of their camp. The rooms on either side of the fort entrance have salvagables but not much else. And that brings us to the Fort entrance. [b]HILT FORTRESS INSIDE [/b] At the begining there is only one way to go and i found no secret areas, so I usually run past the enemies. A the first intersection, the door left is a room is an eating room. To its right is a kitchen, with a cooking station, tomatoes and a few sacks. Next stairs down is a pair of blacksmith stations with excellent salvage nearby. I often use this area to harvest metal scrap as I can smelt it while I wait for the objects to respawn. Sadly no carpentry station, so spears bows etc will still fill your inventory. If you used a group you could almost have a crafter stand here full time while the team went up and down the fortress bringing back items. Next area down has slimes and kobolds, there is a sweet spot on the tables in both rooms where the slimes have trouble hitting you and attack the kobolds instead. You can reach most salvagables in the room from there too. Down the next stairs is the spider chamber. Obsidian chest armor and war hammer recipes on balcony, to right as you enter. Plate legging recipe is hidden behind the egg sacks with the fallen hero skeletons you can see through the web. Plate gauntlets and war hammer head on left as you enter main spider chamber. The bodies on the podium have the usual types of things, but no quest or secrets found. The weapon racks in the room after the spiders is where I turn around and head back if I am soloing for salvage. More dangerous undead further down and less salvageable trash. Long passage brings you to a set of crypts with a lich and skellies. Left as you enter is silver and the door to Equitas passage. The key for it is on right of the lich room, up the stairs with the deplorable archmage. Off of the main lich room, the decaying commander has the key to Paladis passage. He was in a side passage to the right, I recommend rushing past up his passage and fighting him there so the lich does not get involved. Paladis passage is in a little side section on the way to the deplorable archmage. On the left of where the lich spawns there is a balcony with a chest and recipes for obsidian helm and sword. Near it is an excellent copper area. The lich was too strong for me. Further down past him is the ghost room. When you see the ghost room, check the wall of the side passage near its entrance, it is breakable and has two more ghosts and a good amount of silver. In the main ghost room, on the left are two lights on the wall. Just above and to the left of the left one is an odd coloured brick, it opens the secret door. Off the ghost room is a study with a chest and obsidian blade and obsidian spearhead recipes. Past the secret door are fire elementals and lava. The elementals shoot at range and run away if you get close. The lava doesnt hurt them and they get their friends involved in fights. Try swapping to ranged, a spell to stop their movement or have an archer friend do the damage while you chase the elementals around stopping them from attacking as much. The final room has more fire elementals and a lot of silver. There is an obsidian forge at the end of the room, you would have to kill the enemies to work with it, and for that you need more than a scout. This is the bottom of Hilt Fortress, scouting report complete. (PS. Boot recipe is 3 sheets, 5 coal. Obsidian ingots are 100 chips with 5 coal)
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