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  • "[b] New Brittania Market[/b] Private town. Has all the facilities plus a bookshop and an excellent museum run by Lord Andernut. Oracle and devotions." Much more detailed than the entry for planet Earth in the Encyclopedia Galactica (see: Hitchhiker…
  • Cool. I'll take a look at Scouting Report 3 when there is only one of them.  I'm sure Vyrin can fix that. He's our site guru.
  • "Lunar rift will exit this location". This may seem pedantic, but the lunar rift has not moved for hundreds of years. What you probably mean is "Exit via the lunar rift is possible". Applies to Blood River, Highvale and Solace Bridge entries. "[b]Hi…
  • Regarding trainers, here is a link that I use whenever I need to find a trainer: The following  line might be more complicated than it needs to be:"I…
  • Welcome George. I agree that the formatting of posts to this website is appalling. A new site is something that we yearn for, but don't have the time to implement. You wrote "If you know of players with secret dungeons, permanent quests, restaurants…
  • I am loving this tale. Just a couple of (very) minor nit picks: "If something was to happen, it will happen today."
  • I'm really enjoying this series. While the Farmer and Scholar looked very out of place - even slightly frightened.It is unusual to start a sentence with a conjunction, and normally only done for impact - usually with "And" or "Or". Consider changin…
  • Sorry for the delay in looking at this. Truth be told I was lazy. An interesting examination of truth. A typo: The girl in the competition choses to uphold her integrity and honesty by showing her failed plant.
  • A really good story. Some observations: It may not seem that way to you, dear reader, pouring over my records decades, maybe centuries later - if someone hasn't already destroyed these volumes.
  • Another great story. Spotted a couple of typos: People travel to see great battlefields of past wars imaging the strategies and skill the generals had.
  • I loved this. Now for the nitpicking: He had little to show for himself
  • You're welcome.  Feel free to post here any time. Either Vyrin or I will get around to commenting when we are able.
  • This is a great idea, and I eagerly await its continued development!  Since it is a first person narrative, there is a lot of wriggle room for individual expression so I'll view it from that perspective. I'll mostly restrict my observations to obvio…
  • Unless Love is shared, it become Pride. typo: becomes A Prideful person wants love, they act to show off and await for recognition and love. This should either be "wait for" or simply "await". It also would be Arrogant to believe that I am, because…
  • In Volume I of Treatise on Love, we discussed the Facets if Love. Typo. When I ready for a hunt, I wear the armour that I crafted and tended to to ensure it is still in working order. Nitpicking, but when ready is used as a verb it demands an objec…
  • The intent with Courtly Love is to find someone to cleve ones heart to. I believe the conventional spelling is cleave. The Book "The Hearts of New Britannia" contains poems sharing tales of Courtly Love, some, like "An Ode to Dame Lori" seem to be h…
  • How refreshing it is to see a new poster in this cobweb-infested word-space. I'm glad you managed to avoid the spiders. (They were probably reading one of my poems.) A refreshing read, although I am probably biased since it reinforces my own world v…
  • Thanks Kate. Changes made.
  • LoneStranger said: This is awesome, Womby. Thank you. At least this time there are no spiders involved.
    in The Thief Comment by Womby December 2016
  • Thanks Vyrin. Changes made.
    in The Thief Comment by Womby December 2016
  • Thanks, and a good suggestion. Changes made.
  • Thanks Vyrin. Changes made.
  • I love this one. Your writing makes the world a better* place, Vyrin. * albeit in this case slightly darker
  • "Harry, do you ever get the feeling you have experienced the exact same situation before?" I was sure this was not the first time Brad had asked me this question. "You mean déjà vu?" I replied.  "Yeah. It seems like every time I come to this place t…
  • I waited with some anticipation as Jack placed his latest culinary experiment on the table in front of me. "Try it, it's delicious!" he said. Since arriving in Novia Jack had displayed an unusual talent for discovering new recipes. They weren't alwa…
  • Already the frightening speed with which outlanders manage to acquire new skills has proven alarming to native Novians. Now, however, outlanders have become so efficient at resource gathering that they completely dominate retail trade, both as vendo…
  • Hi Kate, thank you for your welcome contribution. I am nitpicking, but there are a couple of things that didn't seem quite right to me: "put the most portable COTOs in my backpack" Each COTO has equal portability, so one cannot be more portable than…
  • Very imaginative. I didn't see any typos. However, this should be an R36 story - we haven't done those yet.